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Specializing in SaaS web and mobile apps, I use my 10 years of experience at places like Yahoo, Flickr, Etsy, Birchbox, and more to take you from those first steps of setting up the right tools to identify issues and opportunities, all the way through to pushing the code out into the world.


Let's start at the very beginning

If you need a quick injection of product and ux expertise to identify what the possibilities are, where there's room for improvement, or just make sure you're headed down the right path, these are for you:

60-Minute Consultation Call

Need to bounce your plans or ideas before you commit to a path? Need a quick review of a new element before you push it to production? Just want to pick my brain? Let's hop on a call or screen share and dive into your concerns. By the end of the hour, you'll have an actionable plan for moving forward. And hopefully fewer things to worry about.

$200 Learn More & Schedule Instantly

UX Audit

Congrats! Your product is out in the world! But what's next? You have a to-do list a mile long, but don't know the best place to start. I'll do an audit of your product with a focus on user experience and usability. From this, you'll get a full report with opportunities for improvement and optimization to give your users the best experience possible leading to increased conversion and retention. Most UX Audits are completed within 2-3 business days.

$1000 Learn More & Book Instantly


Shape your idea into a product users love

Designed for companies that are still in the ideation or pre-launch stages of development, I help you translate your big idea into a real world product, focusing on the key problems to solve for your target audience and identifying a strategy and initial feature set to meet their needs.

MVP Strategy

You have big ideas for a new app or site bouncing around your head but you don't know how to translate them into something you can put out into the world within your budget or timeframe. Over a 2-week sprint, we'll filter through your ideas and goals using my product definition framework. We'll then identify a strategy for validating your product within the scope of your resources so you can be sure you have something people will love before you go too far down the development path and users go "meh." That would suck.

$6500 Email me to get started

Prototype Buildout

Being able to actually interact with your site or app, especially in the early concept stages, changes everything about your ability to identify issues, communicate flows, and even get user feedback as soon as possible. It makes your concept a tangible thing you can use as the foundation to build on, iterate on, and better understand, without spending a dime to write code that may never see the light of day.

I work with individuals and companies in the "ideas" stage of a product's development to break down the key concepts and flows into a usable wireframed prototype that you can load up in your browser or on your phone and see your idea come to life.

Starts at $2500 Email me to get started


Fine-tune to reach your goals

Once you have a product out in the world, the challenge becomes tuning it to meet your users' needs while still reaching the business' goals. Using data-driven product and ux improvements, I help you refine your key flows, overall product experience, and ongoing product development strategy, continually tuning and revising based on real data.

Optimize Basics

For products making slow, deliberate changes or those taking a more DIY approach.

  • Monthly UX Audit
  • Basic analytics setup
  • A 60-minute Consult Call every month
  • Unlimited Q&A during business hours in the Mostly Brilliant Slack

$1200/mo or $3300/quarter. Learn more

Optimize Premium

For products iterating fast and often.

  • Everything in the Basics package PLUS:
  • Advanced analytics setup
  • Bi-weekly Analytics check-ins and adjustments
  • A product & ux roadmap and strategy review every quarter

$5400/quarter Learn more


Bring your changes to life

Not everyone has a huge staff of designers and developers with enough extra time to make product updates and address those small, but critical tweaks that add up to make a big difference. I'm here to help you implement the design and ux recommendations that come out of our collaboration.

Design Tune-Up

If you've already had a UX Audit (or just want to dive right in!), and need a developer to implement UX/UI improvements to your site, look no further. As your all-in-one UX expert and developer, I'll get to work on executing front end design and usability updates that will make your site more user-friendly and optimized to reach your business goals.

Starts at $750 Email me to get started (Priority given to those who book other packages.)

Want to try some DIY first?

Every month I do a livestreamed abbreviated UX Audit where I demo the process on 3-5 submitted sites and answer your questions in real time, free!

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