Optimize Premium

You have an awesome product out in the world, but between keeping up with customer support, sales, building new features, and occasionally getting some sleep, you're just stretched too thin to focus on revising and optimizing your existing product. "Move fast and break things" sometimes means that the details can be left behind in pursuit of the bigger picture.

I'm here to make sure the little details aren't overlooked. After all, the little details add up to a big impact when you add them all up to produce a cleaner, focused, and optimized user experience.

The Optimize Premium package is designed for companies who already have a product and users and are ready to start turning that data into product changes that help you reach your goals. Think of it as having someone waking up every morning and wondering "Hmm, how can we make this product more {awesome/ profitable/ usable/ loved by customers/ other} today?" on your behalf. One less thing for you to worry about in your quest to build an amazing business.

With Optimize Premium:

I make it my mission to monitor, analyze, and refine your site through product and ux improvements. This includes:

  • A monthly UX Audit (a $1000/mo value in itself!)
  • An advanced analytics setup if you don't have one in place already
  • Bi-weekly analytics check-ins and adjustments
  • A 60-minute Consult Call every month
  • A product & ux roadmap and strategy review every quarter
  • Unlimited Q&A during business hours in Mostly Brilliant's Slack

This all happens over a 3-month period to give the improvements and experiments enough time to be implemented, collect data, and make any necessary adjustments. I ask that you commit to at least 3 months because optimization and refinement (unfortunately) can't happen in a day, and I want to make sure that you're set up for success as a result of our time together.

$5400 per quarter. Limited spots available now:

Want to try some DIY first?

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