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Welcome to Mostly Brilliant, an independent Product and UX consultancy focused on helping your small business unlock its potential through design, process, and product improvements. I specialize in helping you translate your big vision into a customer-focused, executable plan that optimizes for maximum impact.


Product & UX Audit


Congrats! Your product is out in the world! But what's next? You have a to-do list a mile long, but don't know the best place to start. I'll do an audit of your product with a focus on user experience and usability. From this, you'll get a report of at least 15 opportunities for improvement and optimization to give your users the best experience possible leading to increased conversion and retention.

A glowing review from Kate Kendall of CloudPeeps:

A glowing review from Kate Kendall of CloudPeeps

Turnaround for your UX Audit: 2-3 business days.

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UX Tune Up

Starts at $800

If you've already had a UX Audit (or just want to dive right in!), and need a developer to implement UX/UI improvements to your site, look no further. As your all-in-one UX expert and developer, I'll get to work on executing on front end design and usability updates that will make your site more user-friendly and optimized to reach your business goals.

On-Demand Product & UX Expert

Full Day: $1500 / Half Day: $800

If you have a short term or interim project (or worse: a product or design emergency!) get in touch! Subject to availability, you can count on me to get the job done. No commitments, no sales — just the solution you need, when and where you need it.

Product & UX Advisor

$1600 per month, minimum 3-month commitment.

You have a lot to worry about when building your business. When you're making big decisions about your product, what features should you prioritize? How can you make sure you're using your often-limited resources in the best way? You're not ready to hire a full-time Product or UX person, but you definitely need someone to help things move along.

With this package, I'll learn about your business, your goals, and help develop a roadmap and KPIs for you to reach those goals. We'll have a kickoff meeting to develop a plan and then monthly check-ins to make sure things are on track. I'll be available for any questions or consultations you may need over the course of our engagement. Perfect for when you're in the "in between" phase of your business.

Product Development

On a case-by-case basis, I work with companies and individuals to indentify and build out an MVP of a new product. Please contact me via the form below for more information.


Happy to help! Just shoot me a quick email.

About Mostly Brilliant

Mostly Brilliant is a proudly independent consultancy. That means it's just me on the other side of this keyboard making all the magic happen. I've built a reputation for being able to do the work of many, do it efficiently, and do it well.

Recently, I've worked with:

  • A collaborative social media planning and scheduling application. (Web)
  • An Uber-like service targeted at college students. (Mobile)
  • A crowd-powered beauty service discovery and booking platform. (Mobile)
  • A mindfulness app focused on breathing and stress-reduction. (Web)
  • An app to facilitate the mentorship process. (Web)

Past clients include ClassPass, Kandu (now Katapult), and Over.

Mostly Brilliant is a location-independent company. My office is wherever I am and I've worked with clients all over the world: New York, London, Cape Town, and Nashville, to name a few. You could be next!

Who am I?

👋 I'm Jenn Vargas. I have over 8 years of product development and UX experience ranging from giant companies to brand new startups. I've done social, e-commerce, editorial & content, mobile, desktop, SaaS, you name it. I focus on strategy, product development, and user experience with the goal of helping you eliminate wasted resources as you build out your business. I've been called a unicorn. And a swiss army knife. I'm proud of both. Here's my LinkedIn if you'd like the nitty-gritty.

You + Mostly Brilliant

I'm looking for awesome clients with interesting projects. You can be anywhere in the world. For us to work together well, you need to be comfortable with digital communication. If the words Slack, screenshot, Google Docs, or emoji make you shudder, we may not be a very good fit. I like to enjoy the process of work, and that may involve the occasional gif. I hope you do too.

Let's Work Together

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Every month I do a (free!) live stream where I audit 3-5 sites in real time and answer your questions. You can find out more about that here.